Today, we’re proud to announce that our second LGE has launched! We’ve chosen ENCORE/LINK pair, and here we answer some questions that have been brought up.

Q: How long will the LGE last

A: The LGE will last 3 days

Q: Is there a cap on the secondary LGE?

A: Yes! The cap is 1000 ENCORE / 50000 LINK 1:50 Ratio

Q: As a new investor why would I want to pair my LINK with ENCORE and how does the new LGE affect old investors?

A: Max cap is 1000…

This is the TX that sent the original Liquidity transaction to UNI :

This is the 700 ETH buy:

This is the address shown on both of the TX’s:

As you can see they are the same address leading others to believe that the team made a…

Today we give an overview of EnCore protocol and answer many questions

What is EnCore?

EnCore is a decentralized, deflationary liquidity farming protocol that allows investors to hold a token and earn ENCORE tokens, with a much higher return percentage than if they would lock it up inside of a bank.


Q: How are new EnCores generated?

The EnCore protocol does not generate new ENCORE tokens to pay out farmers who…

EnCore is a protocol for liquidity farming with a supply cap. Unlike other farming protocols, tokens are generated on a block-by-block basis, making the value decrease every block. EnCore, inspired by CORE, is a protocol that doesn’t have a generation of new coins. Still, instead stakers are paid with fees…


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