EnCore Info and F.A.Qs

What is EnCore?

EnCore is a decentralized, deflationary liquidity farming protocol that allows investors to hold a token and earn ENCORE tokens, with a much higher return percentage than if they would lock it up inside of a bank.


Q: How are new EnCores generated?

The EnCore protocol does not generate new ENCORE tokens to pay out farmers who have locked up their tokens inside of the EnCore Vault, instead, when investors and holders transact using ENCORE a fee is taken from that transaction and is given to the farmers who have locked up their tokens.

Q: How is the APY calculated?

Our website at evault.finance will display the current APY (yearly return rate) for farmers who are staking their tokens inside the EnCore Vault. This number changes frequently, depending on many factors. The APY is calculated using the averaged ENCORE tokens generated per year from fees, divided by the total value of the UniSwap LP in ENCORE, and multiplied by 100. This number will change often depending on the transaction volume, current price, and amount of tokens locked.

Q: Where can I buy ENCORE?

Our current primary exchange for ENCORE is UniSwap, a decentralized automated liquidity based exchange. You can swap your ether for ENCORE tokens here

Q: How do I stake ENCORE?

One of our community members has kindly created a tutorial video on how to claim, stake, and earn with EnCore Vault here.

Q: I just staked more LP tokens and my claimable ENCORE went down to zero! What happened?

Our contract is made in a way so that when you stake more LP tokens, or when you withdraw LP tokens, your pending ENCORE tokens will get sent to your account.

Q: Is this a scam?

No, the EnCore Protocol project is not a scam. We are a legitimate group of people who are creating a stable way for you to stake your coins and earn more. You can verify the integrity of our contracts by reading the code on GitHub or verifying the code on Etherscan.

Q: I heard there was a 14 and 16 year old running this, are they going to run with my money?

Age doesn’t matter in the crypto world, results do. As answered above, we have no intention of running with your money and you can verify that yourself. We also have setup a multisig account to facilitate the EnCore protocol contracts, which includes 1AndOnlyPika (founder of project), Iron (project manager), and Jared Grey (CEO @ Bitfineon)

Q: Are you going to rugpull me?

No, we will not rugpull you or your funds. Our launch LPE is already over, and we now no longer have control of your funds. You control your funds and your keys.

Q: I get an error when trying to buy from UniSwap

When trying to buy from UniSwap, please set your slippage to 5% or over to ensure the transaction goes through.



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