EnCore: Nearing the end of our LPE

Its been almost 5 whole days since the launch of ENCORE and the start of our Liquidity Pool event, and in less than 24 hours our LPE will be over and you will be able to trade, transfer, and stake on ENCORE! During this period of time, we’ve locked up more than $1m worth of ETH from investors depositing into our LPE, meaning that the starting price of $ENCORE is now over $100! I can’t believe that 3 days ago one ENCORE was $1, and now it has 100x’d its price!

During this time, we’ve answered lots of your questions and made some changes to the protocol based on your feedback. A few major changes and things we’ve done during these few days are:

  • UniSwap buys are no longer exempt from the transaction fee, instead to continue promoting buying UniSwap buys will have a 50% fee discount, meaning when buying on UniSwap a fee of 0.55% will be charged.
  • Cleared up confusion with some rumors, i.e. LP funds being sent to the wrong UniSwap pair, with the help of Cyotee Doge.
  • Applied multi-sig onto the contract operations management addresses. In order for anything to be changed 3/4 signers must approve. (Me, Iron[CM LEAD], cyotee[AUDITOR], Jared Grey[BITFINEON CEO])
  • Secured a listing on a CEX. We’ll be listing on BitFineon soon!

Get prepared for the end of the LPE!

As soon as the countdown on evault.finance/lp ends, I will move the liquidity from the ENCORE address along with the ENCORE tokens to our UniSwap pair, and for those investors out there who have invested during the LPE, the “CLAIM” button will be clickable. You’ll be able to stake your LP tokens right after.