EnCore’s Second LGE: ENCORE/LINK

Today, we are announcing and starting our second LGE, for ENCORE/LINK (ChainLink). In this article we go over how it works, and the details about this event, and how you can participate. This event will be the seed for the ENCORE/LINK UniSwap pool, and will give ENCORE its own LINK value.

Why link?

We were initially planning to chose USDT for this event, but after talking to the community and getting our investor’s feedback we’ve made our mind to do LINK.

How can I invest?

We will have a page on our website at evault.finance similar to our LP page, where you can deposit ENCORE and LINK. However, this time you will not have the option to deposit one token, however you will need to deposit both tokens on a 1:50 ratio. This means that if you would like to deposit 1 ENCORE, you will also have to deposit 50 LINK. This effectively sets the floor price at 50 LINK.

What will happen to my existing investment?

If you are currently staking inside of the ETH/ENCORE vault, your investment is safe, and you will continue generating income. However, instead of receiving 100% of the fees collected the ETH/ENCORE vault will only receive 50% of the fees collected, and the other 50% will go to the LINK/ENCORE pair.

Will the liquidity be locked?

Yes, the liquidity deposited into this pool will be locked, just like the ETH/ENCORE liquidity.

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